System Administrator 3

Our Systems Administrator will perform the below tasks:

Provides day to day systems administration and support of production and non-production environments in accordance with agency IT policy and Guidelines.
Manages the support and maintenance of the CentOS and RedHat Enterprise Linux Operating System environments.
Manages and troubleshoots activities associated with systems maintenance tasks such as system backups, recovery and file system maintenance.
Manages and troubleshoots activities associated with activation, installation and testing of software upgrades and computer components.
Manages and troubleshoots activities associated with maintenance of accounts, passwords, keys, certificates, certificate authorities, and truststores.
Manages System Accreditation/Reaccreditation activities and maintenance of associated corporate tools, (e.g. LatteArt and Biscotti, etc.).
Provides technical guidance to team of Systems Administrators on complex problems and/or issues.
Maintains documentation of IT infrastructure and troubleshooting procedures.
Assists in the creation, triage, assignment, and maintenance of systems administration related tickets.

Requisition Number: VTREQ0004180

Upload your CV/resume. Max. file size: 10 MB. PDF, doc/docx


Linux-Savvy CNO Developer (CS-3)

Annapolis, Junction MD Posted 6 hours ago The years of experience must be in software development or an extremely related discipline. This LCAT also requires 3 years of cybersecurity/CNO-specific development.

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